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We provide free stress resilience training to the most stressed groups in Washington DC. We specialize in scientifically informed, military grade stress resilience methods. These techniques help people relax deeply and perform remarkably.
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In-Person Training Modules.

We offer customized trainings based on the following modules.

Intro To StressFreeDC Training

Learn easy to apply, cutting edge science to be resilient to stress.

Breathing and Brain Waves

You will learn simple yet powerful techniques to modulate the nervous system.

Deep Tension Release

Learn how to release the fight-flight muscles in the body including the psoas to reduce tension. Restore the mind and body to deep relaxation.

Nutrition For Stress Resilience

Learn the latest research on enhancing neuronal growth and rebalancing the autonomic nervous system.


The techniques learned were extremely effective at helping me recenter and refocus before starting my next task. The staff who participated were very grateful. They expressed afterward how much appreciated the workshop and the agency focusing on “their self-care.” They are looking forward to the next workshop!

Jessica Macleod, MSW Director of Social Services, Thrive DC

I experienced a profound serenity yesterday. The space that you helped facilitate for me was just what I needed to see connections that I hadn't noticed before. Thank you, Thank you.

Benjamin H King War Vet

I was totally skeptical at the start of the class, but once the tremoring started to happen I was just amazed! Every different position I moved into altered how it felt and where I felt it. Totally worth it!

Adam War Vet


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